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Battistoni Orthodontics Patient Reviews

With offices conveniently located in La Grange and Oak Park, IL, orthodontists Richard Battistoni and William Beam have been providing excellence in orthodontic care to the residents of La Grange Park, Burr Ridge, Indian Head Park, Brookfield, Western Springs, Hinsdale, Darien, Countryside, River Forest, Elmwood Park, Oak Park, and Melrose Park for over twenty years. We're delighted that you've stopped by! 708 848-5900

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"Once again a very welcoming experience!"

Review Verified on 12/5/2017
"Never have a complaint. They are all always courteous and personable. Love being there. We have been waiting for her Sure Smile wires and when they came in they called me right away and has us come in. They were all getting ready to leave but they took their time and had such patience with us. We cannot have enough good things to say."

Review Verified on 12/1/2017
"Very efficient and friendly!"

Review Verified on 11/21/2017
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"Running on time, quick in and out with my new sets of trays and progress tracking. Thanks!"

Review Verified on 11/3/2017
"A smooth transition through a nervous time!! Wonderful staff and extremely accommodating with the payment process."

Review Verified on 9/28/2017
"Thank you for the amazing smile!!! Matt McCormick"

Review Verified on 9/20/2017
"I liked how nice everyone is at the office. It was not as painful as everyone said to get them on and off. My teeth are way better now :)"

Review Verified on 9/20/2017
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"Continued quality visit. Every time I visit, I am seen on time and I didn't have to wait around. I even left with one less tooth."

Review Verified on 8/8/2017
"Came in to check the progress of Addyson's expander and to get her set up with her mask. She's always happy to come in and see what's going to happen next! Thanks!"

Review Verified on 8/4/2017
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"I love coming here. Everyone is so friendly, it's fun to check in with my progress and I earn points. Mom says making appointments that are convenient is also very easy."

Review Verified on 8/1/2017
"I got my braces off and my teeth look amazing! They are perfect! Thanks again"

Review Verified on 7/26/2017
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"Outstanding patient care and customer service. Our entire family has experienced this same level of service now. All smiles!"

Review Verified on 7/13/2017
"Always on time!"

Review Verified on 7/7/2017
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"I never have any issues when going to see Dr. Battistoni & Dr. Beam. Everyone is so nice, helpful and informative. I have had an enjoyable experience every visit."

Review Verified on 7/7/2017
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"Battistoni and Beam is a well oiled machine. The efficiency with which they see patients is amazing. It is easy to reschedule if summer plans get in the way of appointments. Of course, I would always give 24 hours notice if I cancelled:)."

Review Verified on 6/30/2017
"Everyone from the moment we entered the office was friendly and put us all at ease. We love how the procedure was explained step by step and feel confident in our choice of coming to Battistoni and Beam."

Review Verified on 6/22/2017
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"Clean and modern office (we visit the La Grange location). Appointments run on time. All of the staff are very friendly and Dr. Battistoni is very patient with the kids. My son was afraid there'd be a lot of pain getting braces, but everyone in the office put his fears at ease. They provided good education about the care and maintenance of his new braces and sent us home with great reference materials and samples. The billing/payment plan is simple and easy to manage. My son LOVES the reward and incentive program they have through patient rewards hub. It seems like each time we're there and look around we find something cute or new. You can take silly pics in the waiting room with their different mouth 'props', play an old school arcade game, read their 'star patient' bulletin board that showcases and acknowledges their patients' achievements, they even had a questionnaire before father's day asking them why their dad was awesome. We were surprised when it was mailed to us and arrived the day before Father's day. I love that they provide the kids with sunglasses when they are in their chairs, because who wants to stare up at a fluorescent light panel? Not me! I witnessed staff cleaning and sterilizing the patient chairs as well as the washing and sterilization of the doctors' tools (we assume it's always done, but I took extra comfort in actually seeing it). I even love that they use good quality soap in the bathroom (silly, but I take note of everything)! One of my favorite things is the tooth brushing station. They get it. These are mostly kids being treated. They are coming in at all times of the day, and may not have brushed within the last 5 minutes. They provide everything for them to clean up their mouths before their appointment. Their hours are quite accommodating to school schedules as well. Because of all of these things (and I'm sure I skipped a few), I didn't bother shop around and price compare. This practice is the total package. The fantastic personnel and the attention to every single detail makes us feel good about being here and gives me confidence that the care my son is receiving is top notch. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"

Review Verified on 6/22/2017
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"We absolutely love Battistoni and Beam. Not only are they doing an awesome job on Tagen's teeth, we are always greeted with a smile!"

Review Verified on 6/9/2017
"I was really worried but they did a great job with making me feel comfortable and calm. My expander fits perfectly and I'm already getting used to it. I think this is a great place."

Review Verified on 6/8/2017
"We are very happy with our son's new smile. Everyone was patient and efficient at each visit. Thank you for doing such a great job!"

Review Verified on 6/1/2017
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"Everyone is so friendly and we are in and out quickly."

Review Verified on 5/11/2017
"Always a great experience. Thank you!"

Review Verified on 5/10/2017
"Awesome experience all around! Great staff!!! :)"

Review Verified on 4/30/2017
"I always get treated well in the office, I am happy how they work. The staff is amazing!"

Review Verified on 4/14/2017
"Everyone there is super nice!! They love to talk to you and I had a great time being there."

Review Verified on 4/11/2017
"Quick and easy appointment. Friendly staff makes me feel calm and at ease."

Review Verified on 4/6/2017
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"The office is very accommodating and thorough. They stand behind their work and care about the outcomes."

Review Verified on 4/2/2017
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"David is my 3rd child getting treatment from this office and I couldn't be happier !!"

Review Verified on 3/31/2017
"Always great service. No waiting. Friendly staff. Very clean."

Review Verified on 3/30/2017
"This was the perfect 50th birthday present for me, I am so happy with the results. I look forward to each visit, the entire staff is so friendly."

Review Verified on 3/24/2017
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"2 rubber bands popped off my daughter's braces causing the wire in her mouth to become loose. I called the office and they took my daughter immediately. They are incredibly accommodating and are always very professional."

Review Verified on 3/17/2017
"Very nice nurses and doctors!"

Review Verified on 3/15/2017
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"The appointment was completed in the time specified on the phone. When my daughter was done, I got a report of how she had done and what steps were taken toward her treatment."

Review Verified on 3/10/2017
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"Excellent quality and attitude! Always a very positive experience to go to the office and receive the understanding, support and expertise needed. A remarkable dental practice of orthodontics!"

Review Verified on 3/9/2017
"My appointment was for a retainer check and all is well! It's so awesome that B&B cares about how my smile looks AFTER braces. Now it's up to me to keep my smile BEAUTIFUL. Thanks B&B for making me smile all the time!!"

Review Verified on 3/8/2017
"Everyone greeted us with a smile. The ladies made us feel very comfortable."

Review Verified on 3/8/2017
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"Always pleasant we love this office!"

Review Verified on 2/28/2017
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"Waiting was not long we were finished with our appointments quickly and without any problems or complaints."

Review Verified on 2/23/2017
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"Great visit as always. Thanks for the care!!"

Review Verified on 2/15/2017
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"I don't know if I am happier making my last payment on my son's braces or the simple fact that I found such a great orthodontist.It almost makes me wish I had another child with poor teeth just so I can continue coming here! I can't say enough great things about B&B. They were always courteous,professional and always explained to me as well as my son what they were doing and why they did it.I can,t believe that there is another orthodontist practice that delivers like B&B does! My son now has a smile that he is proud of and tells me constantly how he can't believe how different he looks.Thank you for the great work you have done on my son,our entire family is grateful."

Review Verified on 2/9/2017
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"As always the staff was pleasant and professional."

Review Verified on 1/25/2017
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"Currently on my third child in braces at Battistoni and more child to go. Consistently good service, short wait times and top-notch care."

Review Verified on 1/17/2017
Reviews 85 - 126 of 1660

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